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Weather Radio by WDT - APK Review

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iMap Weather Radio app sends severe weather alerts to your iPhone

iMap Weather Radio is pretty cool app that sends alerts right to your phone when severe weather is approaching. It's pretty customizable for specific alerts and ...

Turning Your Smartphone Into a Weather Radio

Mark Taylor from Weather Decision Technologies (WDT) explains the power of the FLASH Weather Alerts smartphone app and how it can keep you and your ...

iMap Weather Radio - v2.0 Sneak Peek - Edition 1 - Location, Location, Location!

Releasing March 1 The app has been completely redesigned to advance the overall user experience by increasing responsiveness and performance, ...

iMap Weather Radio v2.0 Sneak Peek - All New Alert View and Maps!

What's new? Know at a glance what's going on at all of your locations. iMap Weather Radio shows the number and type of alerts for your locations in the side bar ...

iMap Weather Radio/WeatherOps Review

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iMapWeather Radio - Alerts..What to Expect

RadarScope Lunch & Learn Lesson #2

This is Lesson #2 in our RadarScope Lunch & Learn Series - Reflectivity: Menancing Colors.

iMap Weather Radio 2.0 for iPhone

Weather Decision Technologies iMap Demo - Google IO 2009

This video shows WDT's iMap weather map embedded into the Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers site. The map, using Google's Flash API and WDT's own ...

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